Sunday, April 14, 2013

A.G. Minis

A.G. Minis were part of the American Girl company. From what I have read, there were discontinued shortly after release due to small parts and children placing them in their mouths. They are beautiful examples of  a more modern styled miniature, and come in a few various sets of " rooms". Each one fits into the cube style housing that lights up. They are hard to find, but eBay seems to be where you can find them these days. I just LOVE them!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Something Tiny©: Design bags and purses

Something Tiny©: Design bags and purses: If only I had the money to buy all the design bags I want... but I'm happy that I can make these in miniature size as much as I want. ...

I LOVE these mini handbags or purses!! 

Other Animal Cages

Here is yet another cage or habitat to create with! I found these on Ebay, they are a part of the Re-ment collection. Re-ment is considered a play-scale miniature. basically what that means is this size is geared more towards the fashion doll scale rather then the standard one inch scale used in dollhouses. But I sure enjoy their detail and modern styling.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Miniature Fish From Long Ago

Funny how when you put things up in storage and you forget all about them! Well this is the story of a few fishy items I made about 4 years ago!  All packed up and shoved into the rafters of the garage. The simulated water got a little yellowed over time it seems. But no matter I like them all the same.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Miniature Pets

Here are a couple of various fish tanks and or aquariums I made. Soooo simple ! After checking online, blogs, websites, tutorial sites... I found a few that really answered the questions I had about creating one for myself. Etsy also had a couple of aquariums at the time. My first attempts were using a " Fish bowl" or candle holder from Michael's Crafts. It was a great starting point but I wanted something bigger and with more pizzazz! next I found a couple of play-scale aquariums online. They had tops which looked far more real then the bowl I had just created. Only problem with these aquariums was the tiny hole in which to put the water or simulated water, and getting anything by way of decor for an aquarium was next to impossible. After a long time searching online I finally found tiny and to scale glass boxes at a miniature store in the U.K, they were perfect! I made sure to reseal all the seams on the glass so it wouldn't leak while I was pouring in the simulated water... I learned this the hard way the first time. I found another blog where they used a simulated water product from Walmart of all places... It was only $5.00 ! much cheaper then craft or jewelry resin, that sells for quite a bit more. I used micro beads as gravel, natural seashells, tiny plants that I purchased when I bought the glass boxes, tiny resin fish I bought on ebay. I also learned that when placing the fish it is best to use clear stringing which you can get in the jewelry section at your local craft store... I could stand to perfect these aquariums, but my first attempts were a great stepping stone for me.  

Friday, February 15, 2013


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I found this short video clip of our daughter's and son recording themselves while washing the car. The things kids do for makes me laugh every time I watch it...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Covered skull Bottles

During Halloween I tried my hand at decorating items with skulls. mainly for the " day of the dead"which is like Halloween but with a much deeper meaning. The Day of the dead is celebrated in Mexico as well in the U.S. it's a time to remember all those loved ones no longer with us. We set up a shrine so to speak, and place pictures of family and loved ones to honor their memory. And of course there are celebrations and great food in the end. This has always included skulls... lot's of them. And here are a few day of the dead stuff made out of polymer clay...